• Sentimental and Heart felt

    Man, this past week has been very exciting and very busy.

    If you have seen any of my posts on Facebook, you would know that I am starting my own photography project.

    Well, this is my first of many and I am so happy that the first one is of my brother.  He just left this past week for his college adventure.  If I told you I wasn't jealous, I would be lying.  

    He got accepted to a school in Colorado, Colorado School of the Mines, that had 26,000 applicants for his class.  He was 1 of 960, who got accepted.  I am EXTREMELY proud of him.  

    So, the project,  I asked my brother a set of questions.  Questions that... well I'll let you see for yourself.

    Name: Miles

    Age: 18

    Occupation: Student

    Me: What where some highlights as a child or teen?

    Miles: Some of the highlights as a child/teen were growing up with a loving family, given opportunities that a lot of kids don't have growing up and being able to play sports.

    Me:What were some struggles as a child or teen?

    Miles: Some of the struggles as a child/teen were growing up with older parents. For example, I wasn’t able to do the same things that kids with younger parents could do (camping due to health issues, family trips, activities).

    Me: How did you overcome those struggles to get you to where you are today?

    Miles: I was able to overcome those struggles by gaining access through friends.  I have a strong friend base and a strong faith/religious background. I also live everyday to the fullest.

    Me: What is your focus right now?

    Miles: My focus right now is college and getting a degree within 4 years.

    Me: What do you hope to achieve?

    Miles: I hope to achieve success with life and any endeavors that pertain to success.

    Me: What are your fondest memories?

    Miles: My fondest memories are water polo and senior year.  Our close friendship turned to family due to all the activities that we have been through.

    Me: What is your favorite Quote?

    Miles: “The worst thing I could be is the same as everyone else. I’d hate that” - Arnold Schwarzenegger

    “My biggest fear is an un-lived life” - Senses Fail

    I have never truly asked my brother these questions and it really had me thinking.  

    Five and a half years between us is not a long time, however, his responses really put it into perspective. As a kid, five and a half years is forever.  The experiences I had growing up were so different from his.  Its crazy to see the difference that time can truly do.


    To your next adventure.  Have fun. Be great. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you. Tay and I will come visit as soon as we can.

    I love you, 


  • The Uniqueness of Friendship

    After writing my first blog post I had so many people reach out and tell me that it was fantastic and personal.

    I felt inspired.

    Little did I know that later that night a close friend would text me and tell me that my words had opened his eyes and it helped him to stay focused on what was truly important.

    He had told me that it was the first time he had cried/ teared up since the passing of his grandmother, something I could truly relate to. 

    The words that I had written hours before, affected him in such a way that would keep him on a positive path, a sober path (30 days strong), a path that would leave a legacy.

    He then told me to watch a video on YouTube ( and stated that I was the first person to come to his mind when he watched the video.

    I was honored.

    The most important thing I want to do, is to keep people encouraged to do their best! It takes time to accomplish things.

    So, surround yourself around people that will lift you up and acknowledge you! Live a life that you want to live and most of all, keep your head high.

    Stay focused. Be patient.

  • The Fatigue of Failure

    The Fatigue of Failure

    The body... the mind...  is incredible.  

    It was a lot of fun sitting around before the shoot and listening to the struggles these gentleman have had currently or in the past.

    Each of them have a different path and a single activity brought them all together.  An activity that EVERYONE can do.  An activity that leads to everyday life.

    While I was editing these photos, I began to think that the lifestyles that these gentleman lead can be applied to every thing we do.  

    For me, it is about being better.  It is about being the best I can be, i.e. as a husband, as a photographer, as a person.

    It should not matter what you stride to be great at.  As long as you are reaching the outcomes that you want, you are doing it right.

    Now, to the title...

    Have you ever been having a bad week and you have pulled out all the strings to make it better?  But nothing helped.  Ya, I have too.  However, you keep doing everything in your power to make the smallest improvement because you are tired of failing.

    Fatigue is tiredness... exhaustion... Failure is the state of not reaching a goal or objective.

    You can be tired, drained, exhausted but you have not failed until you give up.  Once you fail, you will only get better from there on out.  You will be so fatigued that you will not want to fail anymore.  

    I was at this point a few months back.  I felt that I could not be any better at my photography.  I felt I should give up.  I felt DEFEATED.

    Since that day, I strive to be better everyday. I strive to be the best I can be everyday.

    I have had more and more recognition from my wife.  Now, let me say, she has always liked my photos (I think), but recently she has started stating things like "Did you take that" and "That looks professional." The recognition that she gives me has full heartedly helped me to delve deeper into what I love doing.

    So...  NEVER GIVE UP!!